Employment Mediation

Business Man Working At Office, Consultant Lawyer ConceptDisputes arise all the time in the workplace and many place a drain on the resources of employees, employers, and unions.  Instead of focusing on work and the productivity and growth of the business, time and money is invested into resolving issues that have an indirect impact on success.  Finding a way to resolve these matters as quickly and efficiently as possible is essential for everyone involved.

Employment mediation provides a path to resolution.  It helps disputing parties avoid the expense and frustration of the court system, and allows them to resolve an issue and get back to their regular work as quickly as possible.  Employment mediation also makes it possible to explore solutions that are custom-designed for each circumstance, instead of relying on the one-size-fits-all solutions the court system offers.

Another important benefit of employment mediation is the way in which it allows for resolution without damaging the mutually beneficial relationship.  Employees and employers need one another, but this relationship often goes awry during a dispute.  Mediation makes it possible to resolve a matter to the satisfaction of both parties. Mediation provides the opportunity for the professional relationship to continue into the future.

Everyone plays a role in designing the resolution, so nobody feels as if they were treated unfairly or as if their concerns went unheard.  The process creates two winners, instead of a winner and a loser, as other dispute resolutions tend to do.  This means it is possible to move forward without resentment or concern another issue will spring from something left unresolved.

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