Labor Arbitration

AngerLabor arbitration is a process used by management and labor to decide important employment issues.  It is an extension of the negotiation process to address a grievance or a contract dispute, or to assist in the creation of updates to an ongoing labor contract.  The process utilizes the services of a neutral third party to resolve disputes over wages, benefits, work conditions, or anything else that might be causing a conflict in a Twin Cities or Chicago business.

Arbitration makes it possible to resolve issues as quickly as possible.  It removes the expense and inefficiency of court, but still allows a third party to make a final decision. It avoids disputes persisting for long periods of time.  Arbitrators have the final say in the matter; and if it is a binding arbitration agreement, everyone must abide by the decision of the arbitrator.

Labor arbitration has the ability to remove some of the problematic policies that arise when resolving labor contract issues, where other forms of legal resolution could take much longer.  The sooner the matter is resolved, the sooner employees and management can return to their daily work of being productive and focused on the products or services the business provides.

If you are involved in labor negotiations in the Twin Cities or Chicago and you believe arbitration could help you resolve matter efficiency, Sherwood Malamud can help.  Sherwood has been in private practice as an arbitrator for 32 years.  For a decade prior to entering private practice, he served as a mediator, arbitrator and administrative law judge with the Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission.  For more information or to schedule a time to discuss your issue, contact Sherwood at 763.316.6373 or by email at